Guests Join Gov’t Mule For Halloween Tribute To Free In Amsterdam


Gov’t Mule held a Halloween concert in Amsterdam Tuesday night, offering a performance that saw the band devote the second set and encore to honoring classic rock band Free. The band’s celebratory show at the Paradiso was bolstered by guest drummer Rachel “Stixx” Turner and guitarist Bernie Marsden.

Mule’s first European Mule-O-Ween concert kicked off with a “Trane” > “Eternity’s Breath” > “St. Stephen Jam” > “Banks Of The Deep End” sequence. Frontman Warren Haynes then led the group through “Rocking Horse,” newer tunes “Pressure Under Fire” and “The Man I Want to Be” and set closing take on The Allman Brothers Band’s “Kind Of Bird.”

The entire second set was comprised of debut covers of songs by Free, save for a mid-set rendition of “Mr. Big.” Mule covered such favorites by the English rock band fronted by Paul Rodgers as “Fire & Water,” “Ride On Pony,” “The Stealer,” “Walk in My Shadow,” “My Brother Jake” and many others. Turner emerged to sit-in on the band’s debut of “Songs Of Yesterday.” The second set ended with a performance of Free’s well-known hit “All Right Now.”

Whitesnake guitarist and frequent Mule collaborator Bernie Marsden was part of the four-song encore made up of the Gov’t Mule debut of Free’s “Heartbreaker,” as well as Albert King’s “The Hunter” (which was recorded by Free) and Mule’s first-ever renditions of Free’s “Don’t Say You Love Me” and “Wishing Well.”

[The Stealer | Captured by yoga_vixen]

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Gov’t Mule at Paradiso

Set 1
  • Trane  
  • Eternity's Breath  
  • Banks of the Deep End
  • Rocking Horse
  • Pressure Under Fire
  • The Man I Want to Be
  • Kind of Bird  
Set 2 ('Free' Halloween costume set)
  • Fire and Water  
  • Ride on a Pony  
  • The Stealer  
  • I'll Be Creepin'  
  • Oh I Wept  
  • Mr. Big  
  • Little Bit of Love  
  • Woman  
  • Songs of Yesterday  
  • My Brother Jake  
  • Be My Friend  
  • Walk in My Shadow  
  • I'm a Mover  
  • Mouthful of Grass  
  • All Right Now  
  • Heartbreaker  
  • The Hunter  
  • Don't Say You Love Me  
  • Wishing Well  
  • Upcoming Shows