Greensky Bluegrass Debuts ‘New & Improved’ In Denver

Check out the setlist including the debut of 'Stress Dreams' cut "New & Improved."

By Nate Todd Jan 9, 2022 12:20 pm PST

Greensky Bluegrass wrapped up their two-night run at the Mission Ballroom on Saturday night. The band delivered a special soundcheck set benefitting those affected by Colorado’s Marshall Fire followed by two sets which included the debut of “New & Improved” from the band’s upcoming album Stress Dreams.

Greensky Bluegrass began with the soundcheck set, which raised over $10,000 via Conscious Alliance in much-needed aid for the devastating Marshall Fire that ravaged areas of Colorado’s Front Range in late December. The quintet got going with “Reverend” followed by “I’d Probably Kill You,” the latter containing a Billy Strings lyric change. Next, the quintet delivered “200 Miles From Montana” and “What Happened To Jim?” before closing out the soundcheck set with “Leap Year.”

The second of three sets the band played for the Denver closer got going with an expansive “Worried About The Weather,” which stretched to over 15 minutes. “Demons” came next ahead of Stress Dreams opener “Absence Of Reason” and staple “Jaywalking.” As they did the night previous, GSBG debuted another tune from Stress Dreams, “New & Improved.” The song appears as the tenth track on the album which arrives on January 21. “Fixin’ To Ruin” saw the band welcoming photographer Dylan Langille on woodblock. “Merely Avoiding” followed before the quintet closed out the set with another big jam on “Don’t Lie,” which saw teases of “My Favorite Things” and the famed outro from Derek And the Domino’s “Layla.”

“Before Bring Out Your Dead” and “Bring Out Your Dead” launched the third set the band would play on Saturday. “In Control” and “Cold Feet” followed ahead of the title track to the band’s 2019 album All For Money. Greensky continued the exploration on a big “All Four” fittingly followed by “The Four.” Next, the band reeled off “Middle Mountain Towns,” “Who Is Frederico?” and “Like Reflections.” Greensky returned to the jam format for set closer “Run Or Die,” clocking in at over 16-minutes and containing “Eye Of The Tiger” teases. Greensky Bluegrass’ Colorado closer boasted an encore of “Windshield” and “Monument.”

Setlist (via Camp Greensky)

Soundcheck Set: Reverend, I’d Probably Kill You (1), 200 Miles from Montana, What Happened to Jim? Leap Year

(1) Lyric change “Check, check, Billy Strings was in there”

Set One:Worried About the Weather, Demons, Absence of Reason, Jaywalking, New and Improved (1), Fixin’ to Ruin (2), Merely Avoiding, Don’t Lie (3)(4)

Set Two: Before Bring Out Your Dead > Bring Out Your Dead, In Control, Cold Feet, All For Money (5) All Four > The Four, Middle Mountain Towns, Frederico, Like Reflections, Run or Die (6)

Encore: Windshield > Monument


  • (1) Debut
  • (2) Dylan Langille on woodblock
  • (3) “Favorite Things” teases
  • (4) “Layla” outro tease
  • (5) “Science” Anchorman quote
  • (6) “Eye of the Tiger” teases
  • Greensky Bluegrass showcased their original catalog in Denver, only playing one cover all weekend in the traditional “Auld Lang Syne,” and offering a number of tunes from their forthcoming album Stress Dreams. Check out Friday’s recap as well as the band’s new material below:

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