Grateful Dead Launches 30 Days Of Dead 2019


A Grateful Dead tradition continues in November with the 2019 installment of the band’s 30 Days Of Dead download series. A high-quality 320kbps MP3 featuring a live track from the Dead’s archive selected by archivist David Lemieux will be posted each day this month and can be downloaded free-of-charge.

Each track will initially be posted without the venue and date listed. Fans are encouraged to guess where and when the featured track took place for a chance to win the prize of the day. All winners will be entered in a contest to receive a grand prize of the band’s sold-out Blu-ray Giants Stadium 1987/1989/1991 box set.

The current 30 Days Of Dead track can be found here. Modify the URL to include the date for access to past tracks. For instance, head to to download the “Loose Lucy” from July 25, 1974 that kicked off this year’s series or for “Shakedown Street” from December 5, 1979. Sunday’s track was “Let It Grow” from August 29, 1982 and a “High Time” is today’s (Monday, November 4) track.