Welcome Cotter: Goose Announces 1st Tour With New Drummer

Listen to the new Ted Tapes 2024 compilation for a taste of the new lineup in action.

By Scott Bernstein Feb 6, 2024 9:18 am PST

Goose confirmed details of their first tour featuring new drummer Cotter Ellis behind the kit. The New England-based quintet, who released the Ted Tapes 2024 compilation today, hits the road in June.

Yesterday, Goose officially announced Cotter Ellis joined the band. Ellis takes over for founding drummer Ben Atkind, who departed Goose at the end of 2023. The news of Ellis cementing the group’s latest iteration was accompanied by a note from Cotter’s bandmates — guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, guitarist/keyboardist Peter Anspach, bassist Trevor Weekz and percussionist Jeff Arevalo — introducing the Vermont-based musician to fans as well a video captured during his final audition before he was asked to join Goose.


After performing at the inaugural Solshine Reverie over Memorial Day Weekend, Goose kicks off the tour with concerts at The Factory in St. Louis on June 4 and 5. It’s then off to the Denver area for two nights at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre June 7 – 8. Stops in Omaha (June 10) and Kansas City (June 11) follow before Goose headlines the first day of the 2024 Northlands Music & Arts Festival.

The five-piece will make their CMAC debut in Canandaigua, New York on June 15 to continue the excursion. From there, Goose hits Cleveland, Raleigh (North Carolina), Atlanta, Charlotte, Portland (Maine), Philadelphia, New York City and New Haven (Connecticut) through June 30.

Tickets for the new dates will be available through a pre-sale lottery. Registration is currently underway and ends this Saturday, February 10 at 5 p.m. ET. Winners will be notified by 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 15. Tickets then go on sale to the general public on Friday, February 16 at 10 a.m. local time.

Scroll below for a full list of Goose tour dates and to stream Ted Tapes 2024.

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Ted Tapes 2024 follows the previously released compilation Ted Tapes 2021. While the first installment features improvised jams captured at soundchecks and rehearsals, the new LP contains highlights from Ellis’ initial sessions with the band.

“These Ted Tapes tracks are improvisational moments from the first few sessions with Cotter, recorded solely for the purpose of reference, not intended for any kind of release. The instruments and microphones were rigged up quickly, and the playing was raw and free from any expectations,” Mitarotonda explained in a press release.

“The first track, ‘Leo,’ is the opening pick up jam from the first session, the first notes ever played together,” the guitarist added. “There were some consistent threads we all felt in the room throughout these early sessions; ease of communication, freely flowing ideas, and a feeling of effortlessness moving through different zones. We experienced a patience that allowed all of our personalities to come out and energy to well up in new ways. It feels like a door just beginning to open. We couldn’t be more stoked for what’s to come.”

Listen to Goose’s Ted Tapes 2024 compilation below:

Read more from Rick Mitarotonda and Peter Anspach regarding Cotter Ellis:

Rick Mitarotonda

“I first saw Cotter play with his band Swimmer at Nectar’s some years ago. I was sitting solo at one of the bar tables right in front of the stage with the PA ripping. The set was awesome, they’re all fantastic players and I was taken with the buoyant energy and how much fun they were having. Something had me glued to the drums though. His pocket and feel were gripping. He really told a story with his playing that night. It was an experience that always stuck with me.”

Peter Anspach

“I’ve known Cotter for over 10 years. Our two bands Great Blue and Swimmer were coming up in the scene at the same time and played countless shows together. At one particular gig, I told Cotter, ‘Hey man, I would love to play in a band with you someday.’ I couldn’t be more excited for that day to have finally come. He has always been an inspirational musician for me. From his deep pocket and feel to his hilarious antics, I’ve always seen him as a stand-out person and look forward to having him as a bandmate. Getting to play and hang with him during this process has been enlightening. He has already brought so much energy and depth to the music, I can’t wait to share it with our entire Goose family. Playing with him feels effortless and allows for deep relaxation in which to explore improvisationally. I am so proud of the recordings we have captured so far. They demonstrate so many different styles and really have inspired me over the last month as we have put the album together. I really hope everyone enjoys that journey as much as we did. We can’t wait for the first shows back.”

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