Goose Completes ‘Slow Ready’ & Welcomes Greg Knight In New Haven

The band finished the song that was cut short during the previous show's encore.

By Nate Todd Jun 13, 2021 11:40 am PDT

Goose kicked off their two-night run at New Haven’s Westville Music Bowl in the their home state of Connecticut on Saturday. The quintet would finish up “Slow Ready” as the song was cut short due to time constraints the night previous in New Hampshire and also welcomed their publicist Greg Knight during the second set.

Goose — keyboardist/guitarist Peter Anspach, guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, drummer Ben Atkind, bassist Trevor Weekz and percussionist Jeffrey Arevalo — got the concert underway with their take on The Grateful Dead-covered “Me And My Uncle” (prefaced by what sounded like a tease of “Slow Ready’s” arpeggiated synth line) followed by the barn-burner “Flodown” which appears on the band’s recently released album, Shenanigans Nite Club. Anspach then led the way on “The Whales” ahead of the reggae-tinged “Honey Bee” and the disco-inflected “Yeti.” Next, Goose played host to a marriage proposal before delivering the “Seekers On The Ridge” suite followed ahead of well-jammed set closer, “Mudhuvan,” which stretched to over 20 minutes.

Goose opened up the five-song second set with “Fish In The Sea,” which featured a floaty, synth-soaked jam. Next came a “Jive I” and “Earthling Or Alien?” section. Anspach led the band through the tune before Knight emerged to rap over a funky segment. “Tumble” then saw Goose kicking things up a notch during the jam with Mitarotonda turning up the heat as well before bringing things down in a darker, auto-wah-inflected section that led into set closer “Factory Fiction,” which Goose has performed a handful of times but dates back to proto-Goose band Vasudo. The Connecticut quintet then retook the stage and thanked the crowd before finishing up “Slow Ready,” which they dedicated to CID founder Dan Berkowitz.

Listen to Goose’s entire first night in New Haven below via Z-Man:


Set One: Me And My Uncle > Flodown, The Whales, Honey Bee, Yeti, Seekers On The Ridge Part I > Seekers On The Ridge Part II, Madhuvan

Set Two: Fish In The Sea, Jive I > *Earthling Or Alien?, Tumble > Factory Fiction

Encore: #Slow Ready Reprise


* With Greg On Rap

# Dedicated To Dan Berkowitz

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