Goose Covers Radiohead & Pat Benatar At ‘Goosemas’ In Rockefeller Center

By Nate Todd Dec 12, 2020 9:25 am PST

Goose delivered their annual Goosemas concert on Friday night with a livestream from Rockefeller Center in New York City. The Connecticut quintet debuted covers from Radiohead and Pat Benatar for the holiday show.

Decked out in Hot Tub Time Machine ski suits, Goose performed on a rooftop for Goosemas at The Rock. The band kicked things off with a spacey section that led into “Arcadia,” which saw some mellow jamming before building the song up with guitarist Rick Mitarotonda presiding over some nice tension and release on a foundation of organ swells from multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach before heading into the iconic Peanuts holiday theme “Linus & Lucy.” After a round of thanks yous, the band got into a funky version of “Mudhuvan” that saw Anspach switching to guitar and featuring a trance-tinged jam and drummer Ben Atkind on a drum and bass beat.

“Turned Clouds” would follow ahead before Anspach led the way on new tune “Earthling Or Alien?” which the band debuted during their outdoor Halloween run in Connecticut. The jam began with some synth from Peter and continued with a stop and go groove section that saw Anspach calling out who would play on the breakdowns with a tasty section from bassist Trevor Weekz and percussionist Jeffrey Arevalo. Next, Goose continued their run of 80s hits with a synth-soaked debut of “Love Is A Battlefield” by Pat Benatar which featured some entwined interplay between Rick and Peter on guitar and eclectic piano ahead of a section that saw everyone firing on all cylinders. “Slow Ready” featured a stellar vocal performance from Mitarotonda before Anspach manned the arpeggiator over a four on the floor beat from Atkind leading into a natural fade out ending. “Elmeg The Wise” would close out the first frame.

After a set break video featuring the band and crew preparing for the show, the second set got underway with “Seekers On the Ride Part 1,” accented with some nice rimshot/woodblock work from Arevalo which led into “Seekers Part 2” with a jam that featured some impassioned soloing from Rick. The band then delivered their slowed down version of “All I Need.” The song saw Anspach switching between keys and guitar and offering up an extended piano solo before Mitarotonda took over with another soaring solo.

Goose then got into “The Empress Of Organos” — a song from Rick, Jeff and Trevor’s previous band Vasudo — which Goose unveiled durian their Halloween run. The composed tune featured another great jam which began with a bass solo from Weekz and then saw the quintet toggling between major and minor sections. The band brought “Hot Tea” to a boil next. The tune saw Anspach offering up some nice keyboard work, cycling through bluesy, jazzy and rock piano riffs before the band headed into a the debut of Radiohead’s “You And Whose Army.” While there was a slight hitch getting into the jam it was off to the races from there into a “Hot Tea”-tinged section. After another round of shout outs, the band closed out Goosemas with a choice cover of Jackie Wilson’s “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher,” a song that features in the Ghostbusters II soundtrack and called back to the band’s cover of the “Ghostbusters Rap” during their Halloween run and a fitting end to the holiday season for Goose.

Watch pro-shot video of “Arcadia” into “Linus & Lucy” below:

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Goose at Rockefeller Center

Set 1
  • Arcadia
  • Linus and Lucy  
  • MadhuFunk  
  • Turned Clouds
  • Earthling or Alien?
  • Love Is a Battlefield  
  • Slow Ready
  • Elmeg the Wise
Set 2
  • Seekers on the Ridge Pt. 1  
  • Seekers on the Ridge Pt. 2
  • All I Need  
  • The Empress of Organos  
  • Hot Tea  
  • You and Whose Army?  
  • (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher  
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