Goose Debuts New Songs In Connecticut


Goose kicked off their two-night outdoor run at South Farms in Morris, Connecticut on Friday night. The band delivered a number of Goose debuts from the members’ other projects as well as a new original.

Goose was making good on their postponed Halloween shows that were canceled due to inclement weather the weekend before. Fans came decked out in their costumes and the band kicked things off with a mini-musical costume of sorts with the debut of “Lily’s Tiger” from keyboardist/guitarist Peter Anspach’s side project, Great Blue. The instrumental’s main melody had shades of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” and after a short, blissy jam, the band closed out “Lily’s Tiger” and got into the island-y “Butter Rum,” which appears on Goose’s recently released surprise EP, Night Lights. Next up, “The Whales” ahead of a big bust out of “It Burns Within,” which was last time played at the band’s first Göosemas concert six years ago on December 22, 2014. Then, Goose delivered a slowed down version of “All I Need” (the Night Lights studio version is faster and electro-tinged). “All I Need” headed into a bust out of the Johnny Rivers 1960s spy classic “Secret Agent Man,” which was last played in the Summer of 2018, before the band closed out the first frame with their own “Into The Myst.”

The second set got underway with another debut, this time around from Goose guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, bassist Trevor Weekz and percussionist Jeffrey Arevalo’s previous project, Vasudo. “Empress Of Organos” was last played over eight years ago at Vasudo’s final performance in 2012. Goose then got into The Band’s version of “Don’t Do It,” which saw Anspach revving things up on some honky-tonkish piano before Mitarotonda blasted off on guitar. Next up, the four on the floor groove of the trace-tinged “Creatures” which lead into “Honeybee,” with the latter seeing Jon “Coach” Lombardi on rainstick. After “Your Ocean,” Goose debuted a funky new original called “Earthling or Alien?” which headed into the even faster funk of “Yeti” that saw Anspach on some tasty clav before he led the way on Run DMC’s “Ghostbusters Rap” from Ghostbusters II ahead of some more funky jamming that saw the band “freezing” in place before closing out the evening.

Watch video from the show below via Marc Komito:

It Burns Within, All I Need > Secret Agent Man

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Goose (See 107 videos)

Don’t Do It

Marc Komito (See 15 videos)
Goose (See 107 videos)

Creatures, Honeybee

Marc Komito (See 15 videos)
Goose (See 107 videos)

Earthling or Alien? (ending only) > Yeti, Ghostbusters Rap

Marc Komito (See 15 videos)
Goose (See 107 videos)

Setlist (via El Goose)

Set One: Lily’s Tiger [1], Butter Rum [2], The Whales, It Burns Within [3], All I Need [4] > Secret Agent Man [5], Into The Myst

Set Two: Empress Of Organos [6], Don’t Do It, Creatures > Honeybee [7], Your Ocean, Earthling or Alien? [8] > Yeti, Ghostbusters Rap


  • [1] FTP [Great Blue]
  • [2] Spuds on vocals
  • [3] LTP Göosemas 1 (12.22.14 Factory Underground, Norwalk, CT)
  • [4] Slow & Melodic version
  • [5] LTP Netflox & Chill (7.12.18 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT)
  • [6] FTP as Goose, LTP at last Vasudo Show (7.8.12 SPAC house)
  • [7] JonL on rain stick
  • [8] FTP [Original]
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