Goose Busts Out ‘It Burns Within’ In Connecticut: Pro-Shot Video


Goose shared pro-shot video of “It Burns Within” from their November 6th concert at South Farms in Morris, Connecticut. The band hadn’t performed the song since their first Göosemas show, which took place way back on December 22, 2014.

“It Burns Within” was penned by guitarist Rick Mitarotonda and was played by Goose a handful of times leading up to Göosemas 1. The song was revived last fall and this past April during acoustic performances featuring Mitarotonda, Peter Anspach and Jeffrey Arevalo.

Goose fit the full-band version of “It Burns Within” during their first of four sets at South Farms that were originally scheduled for Halloween Weekend, but were postponed to November 6 and 7. The song followed the Goose debut of “Lily’s Tiger,” a rendition of “Butter Rum” featuring drummer Ben Atkind on vocals and “Whales.”

See Goose bust out “It Burns Within” at South Farms earlier this month:

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