Goose Presents ‘Donnie Darko’ Themed Concert In Connecticut

By Nate Todd Nov 8, 2020 12:16 pm PST

Goose continued their Halloween makeup run at South Farms in Morris, Connecticut on Saturday. The band unveiled a Donnie Darko themed set in their home state for their annual ‘Netflox & Chill.’

Goose — guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach, bassist Trevor Weekz, drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeffrey Avevalo — made good on their Halloween show that was canceled last weekend due to weather. The band kicked things off with the Donnie Darko track, a debut of Echo & The Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” which saw Rick jumping right into some melodic riffing and they really never took their foot off the gas after that. The band shot right into “Arrow” and kept going with the reggae of “Doobie Song” and “Slow Ready.” “Jive I” into “Jive Lee” came next before the band returned to Darko with Tears For Fears’ “Head Over Heels.”

The choice covers kept rolling with Duran Duran’s “Notorious,” also a debut, ahead of “Tumble,” which saw a ”Hot Tea” tease. Next, the band unveiled a new suite “Seekers on the Ridge” parts one and two before getting into “Hot Tea” proper. Goose’s “Wysteria Lane” came ahead of a stellar “Head Over Heels.” To tie everything together, Goose encored with “Mad World.”

Watch video from the show below via Marc Komito:

Mad World

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Goose (See 171 videos)

Seekers On The Ridge > Hot Tea

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Goose (See 171 videos)

Notorious & Tumble

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First Set

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Setlist (via Coach)

Set One: The Killing Moon {1}, Arrow > Doobie Song > Slow Ready, Jive I > Jive Lee, Head Over Heels {2}

Set Two: Notorious {3}, Tumble {5}, Seekers on the Ridge pt. 1 {4} > Seekers on the Ridge pt. 2 {4} > Hot Tea, Wysteria Lane {5} > Head Over Heels {6}

Encore: Mad World {6}

Coach’s Notes:

  • {1} Echo & The Bunnymen, FTP
  • {2} Tears For Fears, FTP
  • {3} Duran Duran, FTP. Hot Teases
  • {4} FTP
  • {5} Hot Tease (Hot Tea teases)
  • {6} Tears For Fears
  • Tonight’s Netflox & Chill movie was Donnie Darko
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