Funky Fall Edition, Part 1: Ghost Funk Orchestra, Here Lies Man, Cold Diamond & Mink And Kaleta & Super Yamba Band


Ghost Funk Orchestra: A Song For Paul

Ok friends and freaks, it’s time to get funky. I’ve got a couple weeks worth of picks to get your boogaloo on to, so I hope you got your dancing shoes. First up is this masterful project from Seth Applebaum. His Ghost Funk Orchestra is a 10-piece ensemble that plays a dark, haunted house groove that’s equal parts boogie and psychedelic. Their newest full length is A Song For Paul (dedicated to Seth’s grandfather) and is filled with what-that? surprises and plenty of funky awesomeness. Highly recommended.


Here Lies Man: No Ground To Walk Upon

While we’re doing the evil funk thing, gotta get in a good word for the latest from Here Lies Man. No Ground To Walk Upon came out this summer and is just the next in a string of must-hear brain-twisting body-movers from this Los Angeles-based Antibalas spin-off. These guys are truly one of my favorite acts of the past five years with their uniquely dark, psycho-Afrobeat that’s meant to be enjoyed loud. If you haven’t gotten hip to these guys yet, now’s your chance, they sound as good as ever.


Cold Diamond & Mink: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

This next one is actually two recs in one. The house band at Helsinki, Finland label Timmion set out to back New York City soul singer Carlton Jumel Smith, writing a bunch of uber old-school grooves to back Smith’s writing. The result was 1634 Lexington Avenue, a great soul record that you should absolutely check out. But to go to booty-shake overdrive, they put out instrumental versions of their backing tracks and dang, that’s some funky Finnish shit! Check it out, I think you’ll dig.


Kaleta & Super Yamba Band: Mèdaho

I’ll wrap up this week with some killer Afrogrooves out of Brooklyn. The Kaleta & Super Yamba Band backstory is your classic peanut-butter-meets-chocolate pairing between an Afrofunk band who found themselves the perfect frontman in Leon Ligan-Majek – aka Kaleta – a veteran of bands backing such luminaries as Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. Together they make the kind of magic that fuels sweaty late night dance parties or just a toe-tapper delight for the headphones. Mèdaho is absolutely a must (the second track, “Mr. Diva” is an all-timer), so get that body moving and I’ll be back with a bunch more boogie-ready picks next week. Enjoy!