Fun Size Edition: Maybird, The Blank Tapes, The Yorks, Orsak:Oslo, Skinny Pelembe & Alaskalaska


Maybird: Unraveling

It’s Halloween week, which means time for costumes and those little candy bars that go down way too easily. Here are some great new “fun size” EPs that go down just as easy as a mini Snickers bar. The first EP is from Maybird, the Rochester/Brooklyn band recently signed to Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records. The release is Unraveling, it’s produced by Patrick Carney and it’s four tracks of perfect psych-pop with a crunch of guitars and some catchy songwriting. Yum!

The Blank Tapes: Wobbly Rock

The next treat out of the pillowcase is from Matt Adams’ The Blank Tapes. Adams has been featured here a few times and that’s because he’s one of those guys who seems to be swimming in his own prolific output, churning out new music and putting out stuff that’s been in the can for a while. The good news, it’s all great, a perfectly L.A.-California-slacker-stoner-rock. The latest is the four-song EP Wobbly Rock, which is a great introduction to a seriously too-under-the-radar act. Enjoy!


The Yorks: The Yorks

Our next dandy candy is also from Los Angeles in the form of the duo The Yorks. Their self-titled debut is a just-fuzzed-enough affair of groovy rock that’s somewhere between psychedelic throwback and modern day indie. The five tracks on the EP go by too quickly, sometimes feeling more like an introduction of more to come. Let’s hope so.

Orsak:Oslo: You’re All Gone

For a deeper, darker piece of chocolate there’s Swedish jammers Orsak:Oslo, out with their second bite-size treat of the year. The three tracks on You’re All Gone pick right up where the previously RecommNed’d Flodvag left off, with some long, hairy excursions. Their music is both heavy on the guitars and droning bass and easy to just totally zone out to. They add a vocalist to the first track to give things an even trippier vibe, but by the last track they’re down for 10 minutes of instrumental doom.


Skinny Pelembe: Seven Year Curse

Something a little different from the previous picks so far this week, a little more Sour Patch Kid maybe, is Skinny Pelembe. The London-based musician shows off his promising talents on his debut EP Seven Year Curse. This is bedroom groove music, headphone head-boppers for the listener to unpack and discover new corners and hiding places. This is one of those albums you’ll just have to take my word for it and just listen to, a perfect five-track introduction to a new flavor. Betcha can’t eat just one!


Alaskalaska: Alaskalaska

I should wrap up soon before you get a stomachache, but I’ve got one more sweet for you to enjoy first. Another debut EP from a unique voice out of London, the band is called Alaskalaska. Their record is a four-track delight of delectable art-rock worthy of mention with the likes of tUnE-yArDs, St. Vincent and Dirty Projectors. Groovy and intelligent, this is another one that feels like it’s just scratching the surface, and one day you’ll remember you heard about ‘em here first. Trick or treat!