Around The World In A Neddy Daze – 1st Leg Edition: Orsak:Oslo, My Baby, Julie’s Haircut, Le Ton Mité & sir Was

Orsak:Oslo: Flodvåg

Yes, friends, hope you’ve got your bag packed, don’t forget your toothbrush and a change of underwear, it’s time for another trip around the world with the RecommNeds. I have so many sweet international jams, this is gonna take at least two weeks to cover. The first week is sticking to the Eurojams and the rest of the world will get covered next week. We’ll start, where else, in Sweden with Orsak:Oslo laying down some sweet instrumental psych-out jams on their newest EP, Flodvåg. Don’t know how to pronounce it, don’t care, this is three tracks of that deep Scandinavian stoner rock. Dig it!


My Baby: Prehistoric Rhythm

Hope you brought your dancing shoes! The next stop is in Amsterdam where we check in on RecommNed alum, My Baby. Have you heard these guys yet? This is one of those bands that feels like they should be loved-by-everyone, regardless of your continent or musical taste. Super groovy, great hooks, excellent use of the steel guitar and other little melodic twists, and what’s not to love about a band called My Baby? Seriously, their last album had me hooked and their new one, Prehistoric Rhythm is more than a worthy follow-up. Queue this one up and get ready to boogie.


Julie’s Haircut: Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It’s not often (ever) that the weekly picks have ventured to Italy, but that’s our next stop, because I reckon you might dig on Julie’s Haircut as much as I do. The album is Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin and I can tell you’re already intrigued. The music is a deep, jammy psychedelic, part free jazz/part Haight-Asbury (or whatever the Italian equivalent). The record opens with an 11+ minute exploration and the rest is up to you to discover. Enjoy!


Le Ton Mité: Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel

Now, don’t be alarmed, but the next album has 50 tracks on it. Don’t worry, it’s only a little more than an hour long. Which, do the math, means that each song is not all that long. But Le Ton Mité, a musical “collective” centered around American ex-pat McCloud Zicmuse packs a lot into those short tracks. Nearly every style, genre, tempo, mood, etc. is hit along the way on Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel as it bounces from song to song, like 50 short stories told by 50 different people, 50 commercials for products that don’t exist. Makes for a fun and unique listen all around.


sir Was: Digging A Tunnel

To close out the journey, we land right back where we started, in Sweden, for the debut album from sir Was, a one-man producer/musician. Digging A Tunnel opens with an entirely infectious groove – a jazz-inflected electronica that sets the stage for an album that seems to encompass a real trip around the world. From bagpipes to African rhythms, sleepy zone-outs, to funky rug-cutters, the record is one keeper after another, perfectly of the moment. Give it a spin, I think you’ll enjoy … then take a rest and get ready for next week’s journey.


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