Full Show Audio & Videos: Perpetual Groove Returns To The Culture Room


Southern jam act Perpetual Groove continued an extensive tour on Saturday night at The Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Culture Room has long been a regular stop for the quartet in South Florida.

Guitarist Brock Butler, bassist Adam Perry, drummer Albert Suttle and keyboardist Matt McDonald treated fans to one long set bookended by portions of “Occam’s Blazer.” The quartet transitioned from the front end of the All This Everything classic into a cover of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” After “Lemurs” came a compelling sequence in which PGroove fit their take on Bobby Womack’s “Across 110th Street” within “Aim.”

More interesting song sequences were on tap for the four-piece at The Culture Room, as the band worked “MOTA” into “Straight Down” and “Man With All The Answers” before finishing “MOTA.” The beloved “Two Shores” came next and soon thereafter PGroove transitioned from a cover of Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” into the end of “Occam’s Blazer” to conclude the set. Butler led the gorgeous “It Starts Where It Ends” as the evening’s encore. The action began with an opening set from Miami’s own Electric Kif.


Check out a series of video highlights captured by Adam Firtel of Cheesehead Productions:

[Perpetual Groove – All Night Long]

[Perpetual Groove – Two Shores]


[Perpetual Groove – Across 110th Street]

[Perpetual Groove – It Starts Where It Ends]


[Electric Kif – Full Set]

Full Show Audio (Taped by Adam Firtel/Cheesehead Productions)

Perpetual Groove


Electric Kif


Set: Occam’s Blazer > All Night Long, Lemurs, AIM > Across 110th Street > AIM, Playground, Cairo, MOTA > Straight Down > Man With All The Answers > MOTA, Two Shores > BB > God’s Gonna Cut You Down > Occam’s Blazer

Encore: It Starts Where It Ends

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