Full Show Audio: Jazz Is Phsh Plays Guest-Filled Show In San Francisco

By Scott Bernstein Nov 27, 2017 2:00 pm PST

Phish tribute act Jazz Is Phsh recently played a guest-filled show at Mezzanine in San Francisco. Soundboard matrix audio of the set has surfaced and can be streamed below.

The Jazz Is Phsh lineup of Adam Chase, Matthew Chase, Chris Bullock, Farnell Newton, Chris DeAngelis and Josh Thomas began the evening with versions of “Carini,” “Bathtub Gin,” “Brother” and “Maze.” From there, Reed Mathis emerged to play bass on The Story Of The Ghost track “Fikus.” Reed also added to a “46 Days” that saw Wil Blades play Hammond B3 organ.

Wil Blades stuck around for “Cars, Trucks, Buses.” The show rolled on with “Meat” featuring Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz on guitar and Holly Bowling on piano. For the finale, Bowling joined Jazz Is Phsh on “Camel Walk.” Next up for Jazz Is Phsh is a series of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic dates including stops in Washington D.C., Rochester, Buffalo, Toronto, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Roanoke.

Here’s soundboard matrix audio of the show thanks to taper Chris Pavicich:


Set: Carini, Bathtub Gin, Brother, Maze, Fikus*, 46 Days*$, Cars Trucks Buses$, Meat^%, Camel Walk%

  • * featuring Reed Mathis on Bass
  • $ featuring Wil Blades on Hammond B3
  • ^ featuring Dan Lebowitz on Guitar
  • % featuring Holly Bowling on Piano
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