Full Show Audio: Bob Weir & Phil Lesh Close Out Duo Tour With Guests In Chicago

By Scott Bernstein Mar 12, 2018 7:03 am PDT

Bassist Phil Lesh and guitarist Bob Weir concluded their first-ever duo tour on Sunday night at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago. The pair welcomed percussionist Wally Ingram to sit-in at points during the first set and for the entire second set. The second set also saw Bobby, Phil and Wally augmented by multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell, vocalist Teresa Williams and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti.

Bob, Phil and Wally opened with a rollicking “Cumberland Blues” and then tore into “Tennessee Jed.” Wally stayed on stage for the pairing of “Alabama Getaway” and “Loose Lucy” that followed. “Alabama Getaway” featured Phil on lead vocals, while Bobby fronted “Loose Lucy.” Weir introduced “Loose Lucy” by telling the crowd, “This next tune is one that started out absolutely nothing like how it ended up. Totally different rhythm, same key, same harmonic progression, same chord changes but about everything else was different. So we’re going to do it like it settled in at the end.”

Next up was “Lazy River Road,” the first song and one of only three on the evening that featured just Weir and Lesh. Phil sang one of the last Hunter/Garcia compositions, while Bobby used slide throughout the rendition. Ingram returned for a Bob-sung cover of “The Maker” by Daniel Lanois. Wally also stuck around for the “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo” that followed before leaving Bob and Phil to end the set with an adventurous “Cassidy.”

Weir, Lesh, Campbell, Williams, Ingram and Chimenti began the second set with “Crazy Fingers.” Bobby sang “Crazy Fingers,” which featured Larry Campbell on cittern. Next up from the sextet was “New Speedway Boogie” with Weir on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. Campbell played electric on “New Speedway” but moved back to cittern for an exploratory “Mountains Of The Moon,” a song that was a staple of the run.

The six-piece continued on with “Cryptical Envelopment” but instead of leading into “The Other One,” the sextet fit a lengthy “Let It Grow” between the two. Larry Campbell was on fiddle for “Cryptical” and moved back to electric for “Let It Grow” and “The Other One.” The multi-instrumentalist added a nice touch to “Uncle John’s Band” by utilizing mandolin. For the second set finale, the six piece worked through “Days Between” led by Bobby. Weir and Lesh returned for the encore, after Phil’s donor rap, by their lonesomes to end the night and the run with a majestic “Brokedown Palace.”

Listen to an audience recording taped by Jeff Frank:

Watch pro-shot video of the set openers:

[Cumberland Blues]

[Crazy Fingers]

Setlist (via Ratdog.org)

Set One: Cumberland Blues* (bw, pl), Tennessee Jed* (bw), Alabama Getaway* (pl), Loose Lucy* (bw), Lazy River Road (pl), The Maker* (bw), Mississippi Half-Step (Uptown Toodeloo)* (pl, bw), Cassidy (bw)

Set Two: Crazy Fingers > (bw) New Speedway Boogie (bw), Mountains Of The Moon > (pl, tw) Cryptical Envelopement > (pl) Let It Grow > (bw) The Other One > (bw) Cryptical Envelopement > (pl) Uncle John’s Band > (all) The Days Between (bw)

Encore: Donor Rap, Brokedown Palace (bw, pl)

* Wally Ingram on drums

set 2 with Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Jeff Chimenti and Wally Ingram

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