Friday Playlist


With a roll of drums and piano, Mott The Hoople begins our weekly mini-mix asking, “Is everybody gonna rock? Is everybody gonna roll? Is everybody gonna have a good time?” We encourage you to imbibe this rollicking spirit, whether you’re kicking it at home, ragin’ at The Gorge with Phish or checking out the multitude of other live options out there. It’s been a long week and a lil’ shuffle ‘n’ wiggle will do you good. Play this selection loud and we doubt you’ll stay still for too long!

After Mott, we dive into TAB the Band, anchored by the sons of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, with “Secretary’s Day,” some of the purest, raunchiest rock of late with a killer chorus line of “I drown everytime I hear that sound!” We bet you know the feeling. Next, it’s upstate New York’s secret rock weapon Super 400 with “Blast The Message,” the title cut off their stellar 2004 release that keenly encapsulates the potent vibe music, particularly live music can have on us. That’s followed by Boston‘s handclappin’ “Feelin’ Satisfied” and The Chambers Brothers‘ immortal “Time Has Come Today.” We finish this assortment with “Chick-A-Boom,” a furious dance floor burner from the King of Latin Soul, Joe Bataan, and finally Rare Earth‘s still-stunning 1971 single “I Just Want To Celebrate,” a tune ripe for cover revival by some enterprising young jamband looking for a stick of festival crowd igniting dynamite.

All the best to you and yours!

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