Frank Zappa Cheepnis Feature Available And Roxy Update

“Cheepnis” is Frank Zappa’s tribute to monster-themed b-movies that first appeared on his 1974 release Roxy And Elsewhere. The Zappa Family Trust has put together a ten-minute feature on how the tune came together that’s available on iTunes for $1.99.

The feature starts with footage from the Roxy and then shows us rare footage of FZ instructing his band in the studio. We get to see the master at work, though it’s another tease of the long-awaited Roxy video release Zappa fans have been clamoring for going on 40 years. An email announcing Cheepnis did mention the status of Roxy By Proxy, which was available for pre-sale way back in August and was expected to have been released this month. The email from Team Zappa ends with, “Your next email from us concerns Roxy By Proxy ship date for January 2014.”