Watch Multi-Talented Artist Eyedress Show Matt Sweeney His ‘Guitar Moves’

See Idris Vicuña talk his guitar origin story, influences, songwriting and more.

By Nate Todd Jun 19, 2024 12:29 pm PDT

The latest episode of Matt Sweeney’s Guitar Moves web series features Eyedress, the stage name of artist Idris Vicuña. The conversation touches on Vicuña getting into guitar, songwriting and more along with plenty of riffs and cool chords.

Born in the Philippines, Idris and his family moved to Phoenix when he was six and on to San Clemente, California, where he began performing with a “Crass-influenced crust-punk band” before moving back to the Philippines. He began producing and releasing material in 2014. Relocating to Los Angeles, Eyedress’ breakthrough album, Let’s Skip To The Wedding, arrived in 2020. His latest mixtape, Vampire in Beverly Hills, dropped in April.


Filming from Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La studio in Malibu, California, Matt Sweeney further described Eyedress’ style in the intro to the Guitar Moves episode:

“Eyedress has taken guitar into the 21st century with an incredible body of work that spans every gradation of feeling fucked up. Eyedress makes guitar sigh, cry, rage, but does it his way. It was really really exciting to get turned on to his music and it was really fun getting to hang out with Eyedress at Shangri-La. We ended up playing music all night after this, it was really cool. So if you know about Eyedress you’re in for a treat, if you don’t know about Eyedress you’re going to find out.”

Sweeney opened up the conversation with a profound observation his girlfriend made while learning to play guitar.

“My girlfriend the other day was learning how to play guitar [and] said it kind of succinctly. She was like, ‘you know, learning how to play the guitar can make your life better. If you know how to play guitar, [it] makes your life a little better.’”

Vicuña offered a profound observation of his own in response to Sweeney’s story, highlighting how music can break down barriers. “I’m shy so when I started playing guitar, I started to learn I could play this person a song and sing to them.”

Idris then tells his guitar origin story, touches on his influences and the two musicians dive into Vicuña’s music and more. Watch Guitar Moves with Eyedress below:

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