Eurojam Part Two Edition: The Heliocentrics & Mugstar


The Heliocentrics: From The Deep

For the second part of our Tour De Jam, I’ll be concentrating on the U.K., which has become the united kingdom of kick-ass jams. Exhibit A is From The Deep, the newest album from London collective The Heliocentrics. This is one stunningly superb set of funkified, psychedelic, outer-space-groovy tunes that I have a strong feeling might make itself cozy in your listening rotation for awhile. The best thing to do is just relent to the boogie and let it do its thing. Forward looking and backward compatible, this one is a keeper.


Mugstar: Magnetic Seasons

If you’re looking for something a little heavier, look no further than Mugstar out of Liverpool. Their latest, Magnetic Seasons is a serious session of pure face-melt rock. Patient, long-playing instrumentals get where they need to go – deep into your brain with a short detour to your adrenal glands to make sure you’re ready to handle what’s coming. Two tracks on here eclipse the 15-minute mark, but they get just as much wallop packed into the “quick” six-minute hits as well. I’ve posted plenty of intense instrumental jammers in this space over the years and Mugstar is up there with the best of ‘em. Enjoy!