Epic Phish Tour Mentioned On The Soup

Somebody who writes for the E! television show The Soup clearly is not only a Phish fan, but a knowledgeable Phish fan. (Update -it appears to be Andrew Genser) Just months after host Joel McHale discussed the famed “Tahoe Tweezer” during an episode, this week’s installment featured a mention of the Vermonters’ legendary Fall ’97 tour.

McHale was in the middle of a bit about Kanye West sending an employee to make sure a seated spectator at his recent show in Australia was handicapped, when he brought out actor Ron Perlman of Hellboy fame. The host asked Perlman his take on West’s antics when the actor said “people love showing up at concerts in wheelchairs just to fake it.” He went on to say, “I did that all the Fall ’97 Phish tour -acting like a paraplegic -I don’t know why I did it, it made no sense, and it benefited nobody including myself, but it’s definitely something that people do.” So yes, it was a gratuitous Phish mention in an unrelated story, but we are impressed with the tour they picked to throw into the joke. Here’s video of the bit:

And take a look at the bit where McHale mentioned the “Tahoe Tweezer”:

Phish fans are everywhere -even in the writer’s room of The Soup.