DVR Rewind | Neil Young Jams With Stephen Colbert

Yesterday was a big promotional day for Neil Young, who started by chatting with Howard Stern for over 70 minutes in the morning and later made an appearance on The Colbert Report.

Young sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss many topics including his PONO Player, his cars, the environment and the legendary rocker’s illustrious career. Neil was on hand to promote PONO, his new book Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars and his soon-to-be-released Storytone album. Later in the episode we saw the debut of “Neil Young & Crazy Host” as Colbert joined Young for a light-hearted take on Neil’s environmental anthem “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”

If you missed Neil’s visit to The Colbert Report, we have you covered:


Who’s Gonna Stand Up?