Watch Dolly Parton Fulfill Terminally-Ill Fan’s Bucket List Wish

The musical icon called a dying fan after learning one of his wishes was to meet her.

By Scott Bernstein Dec 28, 2023 8:47 am PST

As if we needed another reason to love Dolly Parton, the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee called a terminally-ill fan last Friday after learning one of his bucket list wishes was to meet her. Parton contacted Orem, Utah resident LeGrand “L.G.” Gold to lift his spirits and broke into an impromptu version of her 1973 song “I Will Always Love You.”

While LeGrand Gold currently lives in Utah, like Parton he grew up in Tennessee. Gold bas been battling colon cancer for the past two years. When he learned of the stage four colorectal cancer diagnosis in 2021, LeGrand and his wife, Alice, prepped a bucket list of 11 things he aimed to accomplish before he passes away. “One of them was ‘meet Dolly Parton,’” LeGrand told KSL TV. “I thought, ‘Well, it’s never going to happen.’”


The lifelong Dolly Parton fan and his wife have made multiple trips to Dollywood with their five kids and read them books sent via Parton’s free book gifting program — Dolly’s Imagination Library. KSL TV published an article about L.G.’s wish to meet Dolly Parton back on December 16, which reached the musical icon.

The subsequent call came three weeks after a doctor’s visit, where LeGrand was told he only has several months to live. “The scans showed the cancer spreading and getting outside of my liver, and so they said the chemo is not working anymore, the radiation is not working anymore,” Gold explained to KSL TV. “They just sent me home and said be with your family.”

LeGrand Gold is currently in hospice care. Yet his face lit up when he heard Parton’s voice over speakerphone. “I’m just happy to know I’ve got a fan that devoted, and that I’ve had a chance to walk that journey all these years [with L.G.],” Dolly told Alice and LeGrand. “Hey L.G., it’s Dolly P.!


“I’ve heard you’ve been a fan of mine for many years and I just wanted to thank you for that,” Parton added. “Well, it’s my honor too,” L.G. responded. The pair then joked about LeGrand’s career as a lawyer and Parton’s past experiences with attorneys. Dolly went on to tell the LeGrand:

“L.G., I really thank you for shooting out the word that you’d like to talk to me. I’m just happy that we get to have our journey together in this lifetime. I always want to make people happy with my music and with the things I do and the things I say. I’m just happy to know I’ve touched your life in some way. So thank you for honoring me with that.”

“You’ve been a huge help, especially these past two years,” LeGrand responded. Alice then filled Parton in on her family’s Dolly fandom. “The person that you are is so inspiring,” Alice told the musician and thanked her for the Imagination Library program.

“I hope this lifts your spirits a little bit and thank you for letting me be your traveling companion and I’ll continue to travel along with you,” Dolly said before telling LeGrand, “Just know that I will always love you.” Parton then sang L.G. a bit of “I Will Always You” and changed one of the lyrics to “I will always love L.G.”

Watch the emotional phone call below:


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