The Disco Biscuits Debut ‘Clocks’ In Richmond


The Disco Biscuits concluded a two-night stand at The National in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday night with another concert featuring the debut of new material. Sunday’s second set included the quartet’s latest new original, “Clocks,” which is a reworked version of a tune they unveiled earlier this year that was known as “That Sample Has A Name.”

“Vassillios,” one of the band’s earliest songs, kicked off the Biscuits’ first set last night. The four-piece jammed “Vassillios” into the end of “Mindless Dribble,” completing a version started one night earlier. “Shem-Rah Boo” closed out the first segment of the show before tDB offered a standalone “Astronaut” to finish a frame filled with classic material.

The Disco Biscuits came out of the gates with “Grass Is Green” to begin the final set of their run in Richmond. Last night’s “Grass Is Green” was the band’s first since December 7, 2018. The seamless frame continued with an inverted “The Overture” ahead of the debut of “Clocks.” The latest addition to tDB’s repertoire was born out of Jon Gutwillig‘s “That Sample Has A Name,” a song previously played four times by the band between April 26 – October 5, 2019.

“Clocks” gave way to “Orch Theme” before the Biscuits closed out the set with the end of “Grass Is Green.” The quartet returned to get their encore underway with “Station,” a song debuted two nights earlier in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Next up was a “Rock Candy” the band left unfinished before wrapping up the night with the end of an “I-Man” started the previous evening.

Watch pro-shot video of last night’s show below:


Setlist (via PT tDB)

Set One: Vassillios > Mindless Dribble [1] > Shem-Rah Boo, Astronaut

Set Two: Grass Is Green > The Overture [2] > Clocks [3] > Orch Theme > Grass Is Green

Encore: Station, Rock Candy [4] > I-Man [1]

  • [1] – completes 11/16/19 version
  • [2] – inverted version
  • [3] – first time played; reworking of “That Sample Has a Name”
  • [4] – unfinished

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