Dirty Heads Announce New Album ‘Midnight Control’ & Share Single

Watch the official video for "Heavy Water."

By Nate Todd Aug 2, 2022 1:15 pm PDT

Dirty Heads confirmed a new album, Midnight Control, set for release on August 26 via Better Noise Music. The California reggae-influenced band also shared the single, “Heavy Water,” featuring Grammy-nominated group Common Kings.

“Heavy Water” follows Dirty Heads’ previously released Midnight Control track, a cover of Joe Walsh’s 1978 hit “Life’s Been Good.” The Walsh nod followed Dirty Heads’ non-Midnight Control single “Vacation.”

“’Life’s Been Good’ is the perfect follow up to ‘Vacation,’” Dirty Heads frontman Jared Watson said. “It just felt right. If you like the vibe of ‘Vacation’ and that song impacted your life in a positive way, ‘Life Is Good’ is the continuation of that feeling. I think the story of enjoying life is really what Dirty Heads are all about.”

The band now shares “Heavy Water,” which Watson also spoke about:

“‘Heavy Water’ is a song about empowerment. Being in the water constantly from a young age, we know the power of the ocean – there is nothing more powerful or uncontrollable. ‘Heavy water’ is a metaphor for life because when life throws something at you that’s unforeseen and uncontrollable, you will be ready for it and not let it overtake you. YOU are the heavy water and mother f*ckers better get out of your way because you are on a mission, and nothing is stopping you. Either way, you got this.”

Watch the official video for “Heavy Water” below:

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