Dickey Betts Hints At Possible Return To The Road


One day before Thanksgiving, Rolling Stone ran a revealing interview with co-founding Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts. Dickey talked about his departure from the ABB in 2000, his relationship with Gregg Allman and many other topics including his decision to retire three years ago. The interview generated interest in Betts among promoters and on December 12, Dickey’s 74th birthday, he will make his decision about whether to return to the road public.

On Tuesday Betts’ manager, David Spero, posted the following on Facebook, “This is a huge what if, but what if Dickey Betts decided to play 10 cities, what should they be?” The guitarist currently lives in Sarasota County, Florida and Spero spoke with local paper the Herald-Tribune about what lies ahead. “Dickey and I have had many discussions over the last few years about him playing again. After Gregg Allman’s passing, his interests were heading elsewhere. Since the Rolling Stone interview, I have received interest from a few promoters which I passed on to Dickey. The fans’ interest has also had a big impact on him. We have agreed to make a decision on December 12, his birthday. See you then!” Spero said.

As mentioned, Dickey did tell Rolling Stone he was retired and shared his reasoning. “It’s a little bit of burnout, a little sour grapes, a little bit like a boxer who gives it up. It’s pretty tough, to tell you the truth. Everyone wishes they could be young forever. But I feel like I did my work, and I’m not gonna do anything that’s gonna top what I’m known for. So why don’t you just stay home?” Betts said. Stay tuned for more information on Tuesday.

Watch a news report about Betts’ potential return to the road: