Delta Spirit Shares New Album ‘What Is There’

Delta Spirit released a new album, What Is There, through New West Records. The album is the band’s first full-length release in six years.

Delta Spirit dedicated What Is There to their friend, producer/musician Richard Swift, who died in 2018. The long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s Into the Wide was recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas. The resulting 10-song set was produced by Delta Spirit – frontman Matthew Logan Vasquez, multi-instrumentalist Kelly Winrich, bassist Jonathan Jameson, guitarist Will McLaren, drummer Brandon Young — and mixed by Tchad Blake.

Vasquez shared the below statement regarding the new record:

In 2015, we were getting along like family gets along. That means sometimes we didn’t like each other too much. We were just growing apart. When we took a break and the band stopped, the friendships got an opportunity to come back. Personality-wise, our band is five contrarians trying to agree on an idea. When your similarity is that you’re contrarian, it’s tough. But when things work out, it’s incredible …

I’m really proud of our body of work, but especially proud of where everybody has gotten to now. I have a lot of hope for us. I’m grateful for everyone in this band. There’s a lot of raw honesty in the music. It’s a record for right now, instead of pandering to the past. It’s the next step.

Stream Delta Spirit’s new album What Is There below: