Dead Confederate: New EP, 3rd Full-length, Holiday Shows


Athens, Georgia-based rockers Dead Confederate have announced plans to release their brand new EP, Peyote People. Instead of going through the usual loopholes of distributing a record, the band is offering Peyote People directly from their website. The seven song EP will be available for purchase from the band for $4.99, and arrives in your inbox with two versions: MP3 and lossless FLAC. Click here to get the new EP, and check out “Slave to Slavery” from the record below.

The band’s third full-length album, In the Marrow, is due out in April, co-released by the band’s own Spiderbomb Records and Redeye.

Hardy Morris on Peyote People:
“Peyote People is really an accidental EP. We had just finished mixing the new Dead Confederate album, In the Marrow and had some down-time here in Athens. Brantley had recently gotten more involved in recording / engineering at Chase Park Studios so he asked David Barbe (owner) if we could do some demos. We were mainly looking to get down some songs / ideas while giving Brantley some time at the mixing board with a band he’s obviously comfortable with.

Since it was just going to be “unreleased” material anyway and just for kicks, we asked some local pals to come and play on the songs while we tracked them. After the first night, we knew we were on to something. With different people and different sounds involved, it felt like something more than just a Dead Confederate session. As we were leaving the studio I remember saying, “What time are the Peyote People coming back tomorrow?” And, well, the name stuck. This EP is what we came up with…”

In other exciting news, the boys will wrap up 2012 by performing three shows in late December. The fun starts on December 27 at The Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama, followed by two nights at The Earl in Atlanta, Georgia. The first night, Dead Confederate will perform their 2008 Wrecking Ball album in its entirety and other rarities. The second night will feature tunes from Peyote People and the forthcoming album, In The Marrow. Those who get advance tickets will get a free download of Peyote People.

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