Dead & Company Resumes Summer Tour 2022 In Virginia With Jay Lane

Jay Lane once again filled in for Grateful Dead founding drummer Bill Kreutzmann.

By Nate Todd Jul 9, 2022 9:33 am PDT

Dead & Company resumed their 2022 summer tour on Friday after having to cancel their July 6 concert in Saratoga Springs, New York. Guitarist John Mayer later shared that the cancelation was due to his father suffering a “medical emergency” and was hospitalized. D&C picked back up at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia with Jay Lane on drums for the entire show.

Dead & Company kicked things off by reiterating that “Women Are Smarter” just up the road from Washington D.C. and with the pink female symbol, stealie and fist of solidarity flashing on the screen as it did at Wrigley two weeks ago when the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. Guitarist Bob Weir led the band through the tune peppered with solos from Mayer ahead of ascending piano runs from keyboardist Jeff Chimenti.

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Another statement song, “New Speedway Boogie,” fell in the second slot. Bobby roared out the verses and changed the “we” to “they” after the “things went down, we don’t understand” line. Mayer showed off some riffage on a Fender Telecaster which paired nicely with Bobby’s Stratocaster. After some “one way or another” and “darkness got to give” vamping, Mayer let the Tele tell it some more, unleashing some serious twang.

John then presided over “It Hurts Me Too,” highlighting his copious blues chops accentuated by some Hammond organ work from Chimenti. Bobby then busted out his acoustic guitar for the tour debut of “Peggy-O.” The somewhat stripped-down version saw Jay Lane utilizing a shekere and brushes while bassist Oteil Burbridge laid down some well-placed rolling bass notes. The band kept the traditionals running with “Cold Rain And Snow.” Burbridge then helmed a gorgeous “China Doll. A shimmering piano fill from Chimenti after the “let the hurdy gurdy play” got a rise out of Oteil who then led the chorus masterfully.

“Throwing Stones,” played for the first time since Weir called out the Supreme Court at Wrigley on the tune, garnered spirited cheers when more scenes of protest and “Save Our Rights” appeared on the screen once again. Instead of “god damn supreme cour today,” Bobby laid it on all three branches, changing it up to “god damn government today.” Oteil put the thump down on the the fabulous funk vamp the band has incorporated into the song. The sextet then jumped into “Don’t Ease Me In” to close out the set with Mayer on lead vocals and a tasty Hammond solo from Jeff.

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The Setlist

The Venue

Jiffy Lube Live [See upcoming shows]


4 shows
6/23/2016, 6/22/2017, 6/26/2019, 8/18/2021

The Music

8 songs

9 songs

17 songs
10 originals / 7 covers


8.88 [Gap chart]


Peggy-O, Playin' Reprise

Peggy O LTP 10/14/2021 (26 Show Gap)

Playing In The Band 16:18

Sleepwalk 2:25

The Grateful Dead - 1, Workingman's Dead - 2, Wake of the Flood - 1, From the Mars Hotel - 1, Terrapin Station - 1, Go To Heaven - 1, In The Dark - 2, Built to Last - 1

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The second frame got underway with John leading the band through “Sugaree” with Bobby, Oteil and Jeff joining in on some almost gospel-like harmonies on the chorus. Mayer’s third solo had some tumbling double-stop work before waxing bluesy then rock along with some bounding runs from Burbridge. Weir then strummed the group into “Playing In The Band.” The sextet eased their way into a jam that saw Mayer and Chimenti playing off one another and Oteil almost slapping on his six string. A brief triumphant climax emerged and just as quick dropped into a vibey, more free-form sequence. Burbridge steered the group into stellar jazz-fusion groove with driving bass lines while the rest of the band improvised around him.

D&C then cooled down into a minor version of the “Playin” riff before swerving into “Uncle John’s Band.” The vocalists provided some crisp and full harmonies on the tune ahead of a drop back into a jazz-tinged jam with Mayer conjuring almost pedal steel-like sounds from his axe. While it seemed as if they might go back into “Playin,” Bobby cued the band into an understated segment that flowed beautifully into “Terrapin Station.” As usual, Mayer captained the “Lady With A Fan” section before floating through a solo with Chimenti on piano and Oteil bubbling on the bass. Bobby took his turn on “Terrapin” which then gave way to “Drums.”

The percussive segment featured Mickey Hart and Jay Lane before Mickey headed over to The Beam for a shimmering session and some wizardry as the rest of the band trickled back in to make some noise with Mayer teasing what sounded like Santo & Johnny’s Hawaiian steel guitar classic “Sleep Walk.” A swinging “Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad” emerged from “Space” with each vocalist taking a verse. While their seemed to be a bit of confusion on “GDTRFB’s” conclusion the band wrapped it nonetheless and dropped into the minor “Plaiyn” riff before surging into “Playin’ Reprise.”

Next, all the years combined into “Stella Blue.” Bobby led the band through broken dreams and blue light cheap hotels before Mayer dusted off those rusty strings and made ’em shine. The band then swung into “Turn On Your Lovelight.” Bobby led the band through the verses before Mayer hit some hot licks and Burbridge took the bassline for a walk. Weir did a little rapping a la Ron “Pigpen” McKernan ahead of a fake-out ending and restart that really got Jiffy Lube jumping. For the encore, Mayer led a beautiful “Black Muddy River” to bring the evening to a close. Dead & Company headed to Philadelphia on Sunday. Livestreams are available via

Check out pro-shot video of the set openers below:

Man Smart Woman Smarter



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