Dawes Shares ‘Live At Hotel Cafe, 2/12/08’

The live release documents the band's formative residency at the renowned Los Angeles venue.

By Nate Todd Jun 18, 2021 9:51 am PDT

Dawes shared the live release Live At Hotel Cafe, 2/12/08. The recording of the February 12, 2008 performance was captured during Dawes’ residency at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles with proceeds from the album supporting The Hotel Cafe.

Live At Hotel Cafe, 2/12/08 gives fans an intimate glimpse into Dawes’ early formative years and features a number of songs from their breakthrough debut album, North Hills, including “Love Is All I Am,” “Give Me Time,” “Let Me Be Your Anchor,” closer “Peace In The Valley” and more. At the time the band was performing largely as a trio featuring guitarist Taylor Goldsmith, drummer Griffin Goldsmith and bassist Wylie Gelber. But the live recording also features Phantom Planet guitarist Alex Greenwald.

Taylor Goldsmith detailed the period from which Live At Hotel Cafe, 2/12/08 emerged in a social media post. Read his words below:

“If it weren’t for The Hotel Cafe giving us the weekly residency that this gig is from, I don’t think we’d be a band today. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I really think it’s true. Those shows were some of the first we ever played. They helped us get a sense of how to play together in our new configuration, gave me a chance to try being a lead guitarist for the first time, and let us try out our new material as the songs showed up. And the Hotel Cafe was generous enough to give us that opportunity at a time when we barely even had a band name … It’s very scrappy and it feels like a million years ago, but it feels so good to hear this again and be reminded of how and why we got started and also reassured that we’re still in it for the same reasons.”

Stream Live At Hotel Cafe, 2/12/08 below:

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