David Crosby Sings The Praises Of Snarky Puppy

By Scott Bernstein Sep 29, 2014 8:00 am PDT

David Crosby is the rare legendary rocker who doesn’t let his management run his Twitter account. Croz shoots from the hip on his feed and it’s not always about his own music. Recently, Crosby has been singing the praises of a band we love as well -the Brooklyn/Dallas jazz-funk fusion outfit Snarky Puppy.

Snarky Puppy have been around for about a decade at this point, but have only in recent years received the critical and fan acclaim their original brand of music deserves. Count David Crosby among the band’s legion of fans as he apparently can’t get enough of Snarky Puppy and has tweeted repeatedly about the group.

Here’s the pair of tweets from September 17th that started a string of Snarky Puppy love from Croz:

He even had a specific recommendation for his followers:

The next day Crosby reiterated his appreciation for Snarky Puppy:

Here’s the video Croz mentioned:

David Crosby wasn’t finished, he then implored his followers to check out the band’s YouTube channel:

We believe this is the channel Croz wants you to view.

On Thursday Crosby was right back to singing the band’s praises:

Watch Snarky Puppy’s “Kite”:

Croz continued on and took aim at those who bag on instrumental music:

And it wouldn’t be a good internet convo without the addition of:

On Saturday DC was still waxing poetic on his love of Snarky Puppy:

Just in case you want to let yourself go:

Snarky Puppy has played it rather cool, but have certainly acknowledged the thumbs up from one of rock’s greatest musicians:

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