David Crosby Talks Musical Collaborations, New Album & More In ‘Freak Flag Flying’ Season Premiere

Crosby's son and collaborator James Raymond joins the conversation and recounts the story of how he connected with his biological father.

By Nate Todd Jul 23, 2021 2:06 pm PDT

Season 2 of David Crosby’s Freak Flag Flying podcast premiered today via JamBase partner Osiris Media. The famed singer-songwriter talked musical collaborations, his newly released album For Free and more.

The podcast — recorded at Wally Heider Studios, formerly Hyde Street Studios where Crosby recorded his 1971 debut solo album If I Could Only Remember My Name — got underway with David and longtime friend and best selling author Steve Silberman discussing how the many younger musicians Crosby has collaborated with in his recent late-career creative renaissance have helped him to release several albums in the past few years.

“I’ll tell ya what I think man,” David said. “When you get to the end of your life, and I’m certainly at the end of my life, you peter out as a writer. I say that because I watched all the writers I know do it. Great writers. Stunning writers. You get to the end and the great moments come less often.”

Crosby goes on to tout his recent collaborators like his son James Raymond, Snarky Puppy’s Michael League, Michelle Willis and Becca Stevens. “What these people have done, particularly the young ones,” Crosby continued. “Is extend my useful life as a writer probably by 10 years.”

One of those collaborators, David’s song James Raymond, then joins the conversation and recounts the story of how he and David connected for the first time as James was adopted and didn’t know his biological father until he himself was a successful musician. James and David would go on to become “good pals,” as Raymond says, and would embark on a fruitful collaborative run with James contributing and producing Crosby’s newly released record For Free. David discusses the new LP as well along with the first song he and James wrote together, a tune about Jim Morrison.

Listen to the Season 2 premiere of Freak Flag Flying below:

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