Dave Matthews Band Performs Without Jeff Coffin At Madison Square Garden

See saxophonist Ben Golder-Novick fill in for Jeff Coffin.

By Nate Todd Nov 13, 2021 11:21 am PST

Dave Matthews Band kicked off their two-night, tour closing run at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday. DMB went without saxophonist Jeff Coffin due to COVID-19. The band welcomed saxophonist Ben Golder-Novick who will fill in for the tour finale tonight as well.

Just before show time yesterday, DMB announced Coffin’s absence via social media. Read the band’s post below:

DMB got things going with “That Girl Is You” followed by “The Best Of What’s Around.” Trumpeter Rashawn Ross gave Golder-Novick some guidance and the saxophonist stepped nicely into the Under The Table and Dreaming classic and delivered a rollicking solo on the descending coda.

Another classic in “Crush” followed ahead of “Sweet” and “Funny The Way It Is” before the band returned to staple “Don’t Drink The Water.” After “Again And Again,” “So Damn Lucky” came with a “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” tease. Dave then delivered what’s called “Kill The Preacher” by DMB Almanac, which serves as an intro to “Why I Am.”

DMB continued the set with a paring of “Proudest Monkey” and “Sattelite.” Freshly debuted tune “Madman’s Eyes” followed ahead of “What Would You Say” and “Lie In Our Graves.” The band then got into “So Much To Say” and segued into “Too Much” via “Anyone Seen The Bridge.” “Everyday” and “Typical Situation” then came ahead of set closer “Grey Street.”

Dave took the stage solo to begin the encore with another newer tune, “Singing From The Windows.” “Two Step” followed and featured a “Time Bomb” intro laced with bass from Stefan Lessard. DMB then found their way into “Halloween” to bring the night to a close.

Watch fan-shot video from the show below:

The Best Of What’s Around

Lie In Our Graves

Madman’s Eyes

Two Step > Halloween

Setlist (via DMB Almanac)

Set: That Girl Is You, The Best of What’s Around, Crush, Sweet, Funny the Way It Is, Don’t Drink the Water, Again and Again, So Damn Lucky, Kill the Preacher [partial], Why I Am, Proudest Monkey » Satellite, Madman’s Eyes, What Would You Say, Lie in Our Graves, So Much to Say » Anyone Seen the Bridge » Too Much, Everyday, Typical Situation, Grey Street

Encore: Singing from the Windows, Two Step » Halloween

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