Dave Matthews Band Designated UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador


Dave Matthews Band was designated a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations Environment Programme. DMB is the first band to be given the designation.

“It’s desperate times, and we all need to work together to have hope for the future, hope for our children, and hope for the planet,” Dave Matthews stated.

DMB and the environmental nonprofit REVERB have worked jointly since 2005 on the BamaGreen Project. DMB hosts Bama Green Eco-Villages at each of their tour stops. The BamaGreen Project focuses on environmentally sustainable efforts employed by Dave Matthews Band while on tour, in recording studios and in their home lives along with educational and mobilization programs. REVERB is also a UN Environment Music and Public Engagement Partner.

More information on the 15 year DMB/REVERB relationship can be found here. Watch director of UN Environment North America Barbara Hendrie present Matthews with the Goodwill Ambassador designation in St. Louis below: