Daniel Marc Releases New Single ‘Diamonds’ Featuring Scott Guberman

Daniel Marc is set to release a new single featuring Scott Guberman (Phil Lesh & Friends) entitled “Diamonds” via Marc’s label, DMMRR Records, on Saturday, February 27.

Though they have shared the stage together in Zach Nugent‘s Disco Dead and THE SUPERJAM featuring Melvin Seals, “Diamonds” marks the first studio collaboration between Guberman and Marc. The result is a tranced-out groove, featuring a flowing, extended solo cut from Guberman. The song is also supported by Marc’s “musical brothers” Dana Fasano and MO Kelly (Brothers Choice), who lend their talents to the song’s bubbly, dreamlike atmosphere.

The release is the first since Marc’s six-song, tongue-in-cheek take on the music industry, Business Calls, released in December 2020, which featured drummer Lee Falco (Donald Fagen & The Nightflyers) and multi-instrumentalist Will Bryant (Amy Helm). The new song displays Marc’s knack for using different lineups and guests to expand his sound.

“I am in a really fun place musically right now,” Marc stated. “And I am blessed to have some really amazing friends to play these arrangements with me.”

Marc has also been hosting his own podcast during the pandemic called DMMRR, interviewing musicians and industry luminaries about their lives in the music business. The podcast is available on YouTube, Spotify and on the DMMRR Soundcloud.

“Diamonds” and other upcoming releases are fully supported by Daniel Marc and DMMRR listeners. You can reach Marc at DanielMarcMusic.com or directly on his Instagram to purchase merch, donate to DMMRR, or sign up for his songwriting and music theory mini-classes held throughout the year on Zoom and in-person. Please also support the single and other DMMRR projects by purchasing an alternate mix of “Diamonds” directly at Bandcamp.

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