Craig Finn Announces New Album ‘I Need A New War’ & Shares Single


Craig Finn shared “Blankets,” the lead single from his new solo album I Need A New War. Partisan Records will issue the album on April 26.

Finn recorded I Need A New War during sessions held in Upstate New York throughout 2018. Finn once again tapped producer/multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman, drummer Joe Russo and engineer Dan Goodwin for the sessions. The same group worked with Finn on his prior two LPs, Faith In The Future and We All Want The Same Things, which with I Need A New War constitute a completed trilogy. Horns were provided by Stuart Bogie, Raymond Mason and Dave Nelson and backing vocals by Annie Nero and Cassandra Jenkins.

Finn shared a note detailing the nature of the trilogy, which read in part:

To me, the end result both connects to the previous two records and also sets itself apart — the three albums together look at the same people, but from different angles. Faith In The Future is an album about perseverance, trusting that salvation is ahead if you work and believe. We All Want The Same Things is about making connections with other people, trying to form bonds and partnerships to help rise above the mundane and chaotic parts of life and love. I Need A New War is about people trying to respond to modern times, trying to keep pace with a world that might be moving faster than they are.

The characters in these songs put forth varying responses to the change happening around them. They deal with the inevitability of getting older, while trying not to get left behind. They try to get by. They move to bigger cities. They crawl back home. They look for love. They look for escape. They seek help. They seek answers. They formulate plans. They try to outlive past mistakes.

Mostly, they do their best.

And more so than any of my previous records, these songs turn the lens on New York City — my home for the last 18 years. NYC itself is a city of constant change, throwing its own considerable weight on the people who live there. A number of these songs reflect on the inevitability of the city’s forward motion.

And, perhaps, forward motion is everything. The characters in the songs on this record, and the last two, are trying to keep up and keep their heads above water. They succeed or they don’t, but their stories are the tales of their attempts at pushing ahead.

And so, with my own push forward, I feel lucky and excited to be sharing these songs and stories.

Because I have Faith In The Future.

and We All Want The Same Things.

and I Need a New War.

Stream “Blankets” below:

I Need A New War Tracklist

  1. Blankets
  2. Magic Marker
  3. A Bathtub in the Kitchen
  4. Indications
  5. Grant at Galena
  6. Something to Hope For
  7. Carmen Isn’t Coming in Today
  8. Holyoke
  9. Her With the Blues
  10. Anne Marie & Shane

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