Chris Robinson Discusses The Black Crowes, Chris Cornell, The CRB & More


Chris Robinson will bring the Chris Robinson Brotherhood to Milwaukee for a show at Turner Hall this Friday night. The frontman spoke with local outlet OnMilwaukee about his current group, his time with The Black Crowes and more.

Robinson spoke with Larry Widen about the early success The Black Crowes found following the release of their 1990 hit debut album Shake Your Money Make. The discussion touched on the tour the now defunct band played supporting Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, an experience Robinson called “nothing short of incredible.” When asked if fans attending The CRB shows request The Black Crowes songs, Robinson stated it does not happen often.

“But that isn’t to say I’m not proud of the music we made as the Crowes,” Robinson said. “Those are some very good songs, and the time will come when I want to sing them again. But for now, I just want to follow the path I’m on.”

Robinson mentioned the recent tragic death of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell when asked about the reasons he left The Black Crowes.

“Look at Chris Cornell,” said Robinson. “What happened there? He worked hard to get where he was, writing and singing the songs he enjoyed. Maybe he shouldn’t have gotten his old band together again, you know? I understand the dark places in this business, and that’s really why I let go of the Crowes.”

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