Choice Ladies Edition: Joana Serrat, Kashena Sampson & Sarah Shook & The Disarmers


Joana Serrat: Dripping Springs

A few weeks back I featured a bunch of “Random Dude” singer/songwriters and it only seems fair to give the ladies a fair shake. Thankfully, there are plenty of under-the-radar women to choose from, but I’m gonna go with three different flavors of country stars-in-the-making. I’ll start with Joana Serrat whose excellent new record is a real head-turner. Serrat hails from Barcelona, but you wouldn’t guess it listening to Dripping Springs, which is named for the Texas town where it was made. Recorded with fellow RecommNed Israel Nash, the album features some cosmic Americana vibes, occasionally turning dreamy and full-on psychedelic with some excellent work from the backing band and some well-placed space-out pedal steel. Check it out!


Kashena Sampson: Wild Heart

Can’t get through a set of country singers without a stop in Nashville, so may I introduce to you the voice of Kashena Sampson who comes to Music City by way of Las Vegas with some adventures along the way. Her debut album Wild Heart is a soulful, ’70s country sound, equally Stevie Nicks as Dolly Parton. The songs are heartfelt and funny and infused with a healthy amount of groove. Sampson is a worthy addition to the long-running tradition of great singers out of Nashville, I think you might dig.


Sarah Shook & the Disarmers: Sidelong

Want your country a little more ass-kicking? Look no further than Sarah Shook who plays a classic, shoot-first/ask-questions-later country music with a beer in one hand, a whiskey in the other and an unapologetic sneer from start to finish. Her backing band is gloriously called The Disarmers and their debut record is Sidelong, filled mostly with tales of drinking and the bad decisions that go along with it. After my first time listening to this one, they gave me an old-school Deer Tick vibe: country vibes meets punk energy with some honest, wonderful songwriting, if that’s your thing. So, crack open a cold one and enjoy!