Random Dudes Edition Pt. 1: Ed Dowie, Duke Garwood, Daniel Romano & Walter Martin


Ed Dowie: The Uncle Sold

I’ve got a backlog of music-making fellows in the queue waiting to get their chance in the weekly RecommNeds, so here are a few songwriter and their excellent new albums that may not have bliped your radar quite yet. First is Ed Dowie, making his solo full-length debut on The Uncle Sold. The British musician creates another world that defies genre-fication, a dreamlike universe best taken in whole. With elements of baroque and synth mixed with Beach Boys harmonies and prog-like fantastical musical storytelling, Dowie draws from a unique palette. Give it a shot!


Duke Garwood: Garden Of Ashes

Dowie’s fellow countryman, Londoner Duke Garwood, brings another kind of dreamlike other world in his newest record, Garden Of Ashes, released earlier this year. Garwood plays a contemplative blues, stripped down to naked essence, his voice, just a slight rasp, and lyrics (“It’s like the sun moved to a better world”) in the forefront. There’s just enough there, there to add the right amount of depth: lightly brushed drums, the emotional pangs of an electric guitar, counterpoint female harmonies. This one will draw you in and give your soul a good stirring. Enjoy!


Daniel Romano: Modern Pressure

Daniel Romano is just one of those guys. Prolific – wide-ranging albums released more or less annually, each taking on a different style and feel – he may or may not have a grand vision, but it doesn’t really matter when they’re this good. His latest is Modern Pressure, which has large dollops of various, recognizable 60s and early 70s sounds (Dylan, Laurel Canyon, The Beatles of course, and more), but manages to feel completely new. The record was conceived of and recorded in Sweden with Romano pretty much doing all of it, save for a bit of trumpet here and steel guitar there. These are easily digested rock songs that reveal extra depth on repeated listens. If Romano isn’t on your radar, now’s the time to fix that.


Walter Martin: My Kinda Music

Following up last year’s addictively fun Arts & Leisure, Walter Martin recently released My Kinda Musicthat’s maybe even more so. Martin’s is a lovable puppy of a sound, just song after song that you want to take home and just cuddle and romp with. This is like kids music for adults, or maybe it’s vice versa? It’s not clear to me why you don’t hear Martin’s songs everywhere you go, there is a universal quality of elemental joy to them, the kind of tunes that people break out singing in a musical. Try to resist it, if you can. And now I see I still have too many rec-worthy dudes left in the bag, but all out of space this week. So check back here in seven days and I’ll have some more fellas for your listening pleasure. Cheers!