Built To Spill Performs Live On KEXP

Watch Doug Martsch and company mix old and new material during their performance for the independent Seattle radio station.

By Nate Todd Aug 21, 2022 1:11 pm PDT

Built to Spill recently delivered a Live On KEXP performance. The band from Bosie, Idaho led by Doug Martsch offered songs from their 2022 album, When The Wind Forgets Your Name, and more for the independent Seattle radio station’s performance series.

When The Wind Forgets Your Name is due out on September 9 via famed Seattle label Sub Pop. The BTS lineup for the KEXP play included Martsch on guitar along with drummer Teresa Esguerra and bassist Melanie Radford. The trio opened the session with When The Wind Forgets Your Name’s “Gonna Lose.”


Martsch and company then revisited Built To Spill’s 1997 LP, Perfect From Now On, with “I Would Hurt A Fly.” Next, the band then returned to When The Wind Forgets Your Name with “Fool’s Gold.” Martsch wrapped up the session by taking it back to Built To Spill’s 1993 debut album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers, with “Three Years Ago Today” followed by a chat with host Cheryl Waters.

Watch Built To Spill’s Live On KEXP appearance below:

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