Blackberry Smoke Covers Little Richard’s ‘Southern Child’

By Nate Todd May 10, 2020 10:20 am PDT

Blackberry Smoke shared video of the band performing Little Richard’s “Southern Child” in the studio. The cover is set to appear on Blackberry Smoke’s upcoming EP, Live From Capricorn Sound Studios, due out on June 19 .

Rock ‘n’ roll founder and highly influential artist Little Richard died on May 9. His song “Southern Child” was among the six songs Blackberry Smoke included on their forthcoming Live From Capricorn Sound Studios and a fitting one too. Little Richard hailed from Macon, Georgia where Capricorn Sound Studios was founded in 1969 and recently reopened. The song references Macon and is an ode of sorts to Richard’s hometown.

Watch Blackberry Smoke performing Little Richard’s “Southern Child” from Capricorn below:

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