Ben Harper Shares ‘Uneven Days’ Single


Singer-songwriter Ben Harper has released the single “Uneven Days,” his first new music of 2019 and first solo effort since 2011. His own single comes after Harper produced and wrote the tracks for Mavis Staples‘ recently released We Get By studi album.

“The song ‘Uneven Days’ attempts to explore the depths of how dependent we can become on other people for our own sense of wholeness and stability,” Harper said of his new track. “The only thing more hazardous than oversimplifying relationships is over complicating them. Love and surrender are synonyms. Even if I remove love from the equation, mental health and day-to-day perspective maintenance is a razors edge. Maybe acknowledging the unavoidable uneven day, or uneven days, helps avoid uneven months or even years.”

Ben tapped Scott Keenan to direct the video, which features choreography from Kristin Sudekis. The “Uneven Days” video was filmed at New York City’s acclaimed Gibney dance studio and features three professional dancers performing around Harper as he plays his latest track on piano. Watch the clip below: