Audio | Govt Mule, Herring & Matrazzo – Freeway Jam

By Scott Bernstein Dec 19, 2014 11:05 am PST

On September 22 and 23, 1999 Gov’t Mule played a pair of unforgettable shows in Georgia best known for the trio’s collaboration with guitarist John Scofield. Audience taping was prohibited at the performances, so we’ve been waiting over 15 years to hear what went down at the Georgia Theatre on the 22nd and at The Roxy on the 23rd. We’ll finally get an opportunity to hear highlights from the shows when Gov’t Mule issues Sco-Mule on January 27.

Scofield wasn’t Mule’s only guest for the famed performances. Keyboardist Dr. Dan Matrazzo and guitarists Jimmy Herring and Mike Barnes also sat in with Warren Haynes and Co. for portions of the run. In Athens, Gov’t Mule performed “Freeway Jam,” an instrumental written by Max Middleton and popularized by Jeff Beck, for the first and only time in the band’s history. Both Matrazzo and Herring sat in on the lone Mule “Freeway Jam,” which appears on the Sco-Mule bonus CD and digital download and spans over 17 magical minutes.

Elmore Magazine has premiered audio of the “Freeway Jam” off Sco-Mule mentioned earlier:

Warren Haynes discusses Sco-Mule and a variety of other topics in our recent interview.

Sco-Mule Track Listing

1. Hottentot
2. Tom Thumb
3. Doing It To Death
4. Birth of the Mule
5. Sco-Mule
6. Kind of Bird
7. Pass the Peas (Bonus Track)
8. Devil Likes It Slow (Bonus Track)
9. Hottentot (Alternate Version) (Bonus Track)
10. Kind of Bird (Alternate Version) (Bonus Track)
11. Afro Blue (Bonus Track)
12. Spanish Moon (Pre-Order Bonus CD)
13. Tom Thumb (Pre-Order Bonus CD)
14. Freeway Jam (Pre-Order Bonus CD)

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