ALO Unveils 4 Paul Simon Covers During Tour d’Amour XII


California’s ALO is currently in the middle of the 12th annual Tour d’Amour. The quartet continued the run this past weekend with a Friday night show in Grass Valley, Saturday and Sunday performances in Sebastopol and a visit to Chico on Monday. YouTube user AZherbboy captured plenty of video footage throughout the weekend including four Paul Simon covers. The previous weekend ALO unveiled Elton John covers, so we’ll see what the band has in store for this weekend in Sacramento and Crystal Bay.

Guitarist Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, keyboardist Zach Gill, bassist Steve Adams and drummer Ezra Lipp pulled from Paul Simon’s famed 1986 Graceland for “The Boy In The Bubble” in Grass Valley. Gill plays accordion during the cover of “The Boy In The Bubble,” watch:

Gill also fronted the group on “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover,” the second single from Simon’s 1975 album Still Crazy After All These Years. Ezra Lipp nailed the iconic drum riff originated by Steve Gadd. ALO used “50 Ways” as an intro to “Lady Loop”:

Later in the weekend ALO covered “Loves Me Like A Rock.” Paul Simon issued the song as the second single off 1973’s There Goes Rhymin’ Simon. Lebo handled vocals on “Loves Me Like A Rock.” Dan also delivered a scorching guitar solo to end the band’s rendition of the tune, watch:

Finally, in Chico, Zach Gill led ALO through the title track from Graceland. The quartet jammed “Waiting For Jaden” into “Graceland.” Watch footage featuring all of Monday’s show, which is set to start with the beginning of “Graceland”:

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