The Allman Brothers Band Announce 1971 & 2005 Live Archival Releases

By Scott Bernstein Aug 14, 2020 12:15 pm PDT

The Allman Brothers Band will open their vault to issue a pair of live archival releases on October 16. As reported by Relix, the group will issue a recording from Duane Allman’s last show as The Final Note plus a complete recording of their July 19, 2005 concert at the Warner Theatre in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Duane sadly died on October 29, 1971 after his involvement in a motorcycle crash. The Final Note was recorded 12 days prior on October 17, 1971 in Owings Mills, Maryland at Painters Mill Music Fair. A young radio journalist named Sam Idas was on hand to speak with the band and used his hand-held cassette recorder to capture some of the concert.

“My only intention was to record the interview,” explained Idas in a press release. “This was a brand-new cassette recorder with an internal microphone, and I had one 60-minute cassette tape. I was sitting there with the recorder in my lap, and I remember thinking ‘Why don’t I try this out? I can record the concert!’ It was a totally spontaneous decision. I’d been to many concerts, but this was the only time I had the thought—and the motivation—to record the show.” Liner notes from ABB archivist John Lynskey and previously unpublished photos of the show will be included in the packaging for The Final Note. A press release adds, “despite the obvious limitations that come with a 50-year-old cassette tape, modern technological enhancements help restore the magic of this significant night.”

As for the 2005 concert, the show is “long hailed as one of their best ever by the band members themselves” as per a press release. “I was feeling it while they were playing,” noted longtime ABB manager Bert Holman in a press release. “Ultimately, I knew it had been a great night when they started coming off the stage and everyone was like, ‘Man, that was a great show!’ I remember [bassist] Oteil [Burbridge] and [guitarist] Derek [Trucks] particularly being pumped about it, [guitarist Warren] Haynes was pleased, and [drummer] Butch [Trucks] was just raving about how over-the-top the show was. They all told me that they needed a copy of the show, which says a lot right there.”

Stream “Don’t Keep Me Wondering” from the 2005 release featuring the last ABB lineup of Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Oteil Burbridge, Marc Quinones, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe below:

The Final Note Tracklist

  1. Statesboro Blues
  2. Trouble No More
  3. Don’t Keep Me Wondering
  4. One Way Out
  5. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
  6. Hot ‘lanta
  7. Whipping Post

Erie 2005 Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. Mountain Jam
  2. Statesboro Blues
  3. Firing Line
  4. Good Morning Little School Girl
  5. Midnight Rider
  6. The High Cost of Low Loving
  7. Trouble No More
  8. Mountain Jam (Reprise)
  9. Melissa
  10. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  11. Don’t Keep Me Wondering

Disc 2

  1. Into the Mystic
  2. Dreams
  3. Leave My Blues At Home
  4. Jabuma
  5. Leave My Blues At Home (Reprise)
  6. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (featuring Susan Tedeschi)
  7. Jessica
  8. One Way Out
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