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  • Soule Monde!

    This week, we have an interview with Ray and Russ of Soule Monde, and a track off of their new album, Mimi Digs It. The record is streaming live, and you can order the vinyl or CD here.We loved chatting with these guys about their new record, what it’s like to play in a duo,…


    07/08/1999 Fee06/22/2012 Twist06/21/1988 Whipping Post—09/12/1999 Ghost09/01/2019 Piper—Ernest Hemingway: To Have & Have Not – P 166-168—09/15/2000 Tube07/16/2017 Carini  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Episode 45: Alex Peavey

    “We got the prognosis and they said, OK, maybe a year we’ll see as we kept going. So we keep pushing the outer limits, but it’s the perpetual opportunity to immerse yourself in the present. That’s ultimately the outcome.” – Alex PeaveyThis week, Oteil and Mike talk with Alex Peavey, a mindfulness consultant and the…

  • Episode 10: He Sang, She Sang – R&B Duos

    On this episode of Trick Bag, Neil digs into great male-female R&B duos of the ’50s and early ’60s. Some of these acts — like Los Angeles’ Gene and Eunice, New York’s Mickey and Sylvia, and New Orleans’ Shirley and Lee — found success on the charts and with the concert-going public. In other cases, these duos…

  • Paul McCartney – Egypt Station & McCartney III

    Sir Paul McCartney presents a fascinating point-and-counterpoint in the Late Era canon. 2018’s elaborate, pop-leaning Egypt Station and 2020’s looser, homemade follow-up McCartney III pose a series of existential quandaries: Which type of album is preferable from our rock gods? And at a certain point, how much of a difference is there between the two?…

  • #50 Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers) 1992 Interview

    A never-before-published interview with guitarist Warren Haynes from 1992.In the interview, Haynes talks about:Moving out of Duane Allman’s shadowHow it feels to play Duane’s licksWhether Duane was an influenceHis connection to Memphis and MotownGoing to see concerts when he was a kidThe musical differences between him and DuaneHis love for fusion rock and what it…

  • S212: Shakedown Street

    Ever tried to scrape cocaine out of a shag carpet? We haven’t personally, but if we ever found ourselves making the attempt, there’s a decent chance Shakedown Street would be on the Hi-Fi. In this episode, the gang examines one of the least beloved long-players in the Grateful Dead’s catalog. How an album partially produced…

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