lespecial lespecial's sound was once described as a bus carrying Les Claypool's band crashing into J-Dilla's studio, and others have pulled names like Radiohead and Medeski Martin and Wood in an attempt to pin down this trio's unique sound. No matter which of their myriad influences you choose to compare them too, the unavoidable fact is that lespecial is attempting to tap into a raw and primitive rhythmic interlock to create a universally accesible groove that gets people on their feet and into the street.

lespecial has played a heroic amount of live shows given their young age, and have shared the stage with acts like Bob Marley's the Wailers, Dead Prez, George Clinton, RAQ, Fishbone, the Breakfast, the Wood Brothers, Hot Buttered Rum, Max Creek, Ryan Montbleau, and even performed with members of Medeski Martin and Wood and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.