Kevin Drew

  • 08/06/2006 Q101 Stage Lollapalooza, IL
    08/06/2006 Q101 Stage Lollapalooza, IL
    Track Listing: Cause = Time, Fire Eyed Boy, Stars and Sons
  • Broken Social Scene
    Broken Social Scene
    Bands that draw musicians from other well-known acts are called "supergroups." Broken Social Scene is a supercollective. Ranging from five to 17 members, the Toronto-based outfit includes musicians from Stars, Metric, and many other bands, as well as the up-and-coming Leslie Feist.
  • You Forgot It In People
    You Forgot It In People
    Broken Social Scene materialized in 1999 when K.C. Accidental's Kevin Drew & Brendan Canning, formerly of By Divine Right, bonded their friendship into a band. During the next few years, Broken Social Scene created an atmospheric rock sound.
  • Bee Hives
    Bee Hives
    This album is just that good experimentation. there are less songs on here than their other albums and that's ok. instead of catchy pop songs, you get more of a post-rock feel with this album. (one of the main members is in do make say think) if you like the more expeirmental side of broken social scene, buy this.
  • Feelgood Lost
    Feelgood Lost
    "Feelgood Lost" was the first Broken Social Scene album, but their second "You Forgot It In People" was what really broke this eclectic, smooth band into the limelight. It's less polished and more raw, but the ambience and richness are definitely there.