Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore Nathan Moore has spent his life chasing down paradox, and his award-winning live show, impressive recording career and ever-expanding song catalog reflect his love for the unexpected twist in the road. Moore wraps his boundary-stretching songs in an infectious indie-folk sound that takes listeners on a thrilling flight into the vastness of musical and emotional possibility. Nathan has been called "…one of the finest singer/songwriters of our generation" (Joe Adler, Glide Magazine), and is frequently compared to literary greats Dylan, Waits, Prine, and Cohen, but never without an impressed nod to his uniqueness. "One minute he is an insightful John Prine another minute he is a gruff Tom Waits, but most of all he is nothing more, nothing less than Nathan Moore" (Jay's News and Reviews). A review of a 2008 show states that Nathan's lyrics "define him more as a poet and prophet than a singer and a songwriter…He wasn't trying to give me an answer…He was simply making sense of all the questions I have" (Stites McDaniel, Grateful Web). Anyone who has heard Nathan agrees. Like every gifted artist, he performs his craft like a therapist for the human soul.

The versatility of Moore's prolific songwriting and performing skills is sometimes unfathomable. In a career that has spanned nearly two decades, he has recorded nineteen albums and played hundreds of gigs alongside an impressive list of talented artists at hot venues and festivals all over the country. He's been in a jam band, a string band, a rock band and now is on the rise as a solo singer/songwriter. After touring relentlessly in the 1990's and co-founding a small independent record label in Santa Fe, NM in 2001, Nathan returned to his roots in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 2006 to launch a solo endeavor. Moore's 2007 solo album, In His Own Worlds, spent 21 weeks on the Roots Music Radio Charts, and his evocative one-man show that is an innovative combination of music, banter and magic has wowed audiences and garnered critical praise from coast-to-coast ever since.

In 2009 Nathan will be touring nationally and promoting Nathan Moore – Folk Singer, an EP to be released on The Royal Potato Family label in August. He will also be appearing on short tours with his band Surprise Me Mr. Davis. When not on the road, Nathan conducts a community-based educational and performing arts program called "Bringing the Road Home" that endeavors to provide intimate and meaningful interaction between successful touring professionals, fans and aspiring musicians in the Shenandoah Valley. "The Road Home" hosts informal music nights and weekends in Nathan's home, produces several high-quality local concerts each year, provides career assemblies and workshops for school kids, and supports local fundraising events.