Stephen Perkins
Stephen Perkins Born on September 13,1967 in Los Angeles. Started playing drums at 8 years old. At 13, bought first pro drum kit. [5 piece Ludwig with Zildjian cymbals] and took drum lessons from Jim Engle and Joel Gallant . Started band DIZASTER in 1983 with Dave Navarro and played LA club dates. In 1986 joined JANE'S ADDICTION and two weeks later Dave joined. In 1987 the self titled LP was released on XXX records. 1988 NOTHING SHOCKING on WB was released.

1990 RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL was released on WB ,1991 the band broke up..In 1992 SP joined INFECTIOUS GROOVES and stayed for a year.

In 1993 SP started a new band PORNO FOR PYROS and released a self titled LP on WB. In 1995 SP started another new band named BANYAN and released a CD on Cyber Octave. In 1996 PORNO FOR PYROS released GOOD GOD’S URGE on WB. IN 1997 Flea and Dave joined up with SP and JANE'S ADDICTION for a tour (relapse tour) a movie (3 Days) and some recordings (Kettle Whistle) In 1998 SP made the second BANYAN CD for Cyber Octave called ANY TIME AT ALL. In 1999 SP joined Tommy Lee in METHODS OF MAYHEM. Toured for a year.

In 2000 SP started playing JANES shows with Martine LeNoble on bass. In 2001 JANE'S started on the new CD for Capitol Records. Chris Chaney joined the band on bass and STRAYS was released in 2003. In 2004 SP released BANYAN’S third CD called LIVE AT PERKINS PALACE on Sanctuary Records. 2005 SP started a new band called THE PANIC CHANNEL and is releasing the music in the fall of 2005.