Annabel Lukins aka Julie McCoy :: Jam Cruise Director

Annabel getting engaged on Jam Cruise 2007 by Dave Vann
1. My boyfriend (and now fiancé) Peter proposed to me on stage in front of 500 people. They threw a t-shirt over my head at the awards ceremony that I was running, and completely unbeknownst to me, Peter walked on stage, flashing the ring and was on his knee by the time they took the shirt off my head. And I was in a pirates costume to boot! I can't believe I got engaged in a pirate's costume. I can't believe I'm engaged! WOO HOO!!
2. Sounds of San Francisco – Grateful Dead Tribute. Hands down my favorite set of the ship. The fact that ALO, TLG and HBR, who all come from my generation of, "yes we saw the dead 20+ times but not nearly enough," NAILED every song AND they got to perform with the effervescent Donna Jean Godchaux. And along with that highlight, I spent 45 minutes with Donna Jean talking about her first Dead show, my first Dead show, and everything that followed (her meeting Keith and joining the band, me going on tour and ending up in the music business). It was a mind blowing conversation.
3. George Porter, Jr. When I booked the man to come Jam Cruise, he told me that he barely knew any of the bands on board and asked "what should I do, who should I play with?" I said, "George, just show up." Show up indeed... can you say AT EVERY SHOW, ON EVERY STAGE. The man was on fire. And he performed with grace, passion and a WHOLE lotta bad ass grooves. His wife said to me, "Thank you for bringing my husband on Jam Cruise. I haven't seen him smile this much in 40 years." They celebrated their 40th anniversary on board... classy couple they are. In the words of George Porter, I'll give it back to him, "May your grooves be phat!"

SuperDee :: JamBase Director of Production, Design & Whatnot

Brock Butler with The Disco Biscuits by Dave Vann
1. Annabel and Peter's engagement during the awards ceremony.
2. Led Zeppelin conjuring the rain on the pool deck twice - once during Galactic's cover of "Kashmir" and once during Umphrey's McGee's cover of "Immigrant Song" the next night.
3. Sitting in with Perpetual Groove on "Only Always."
Honorable mentions / ties:
4. Brock sitting in with The Disco Biscuits for "We're Not Gonna Take It" > "Run Like Hell."
5. Steve Kimock sitting in with ALO for "Plastic Bubble."

Andy Gadiel :: JamBase Founder & President
1. Annabel "Julie McKoy" getting engaged during the awards ceremony!
2. The Disco Biscuits first set ("Magellan" > "Above the Waves" water theme opener plus "Paul Revere" rap).
3) The Jam Room: The Kimocks (Steve & John Morgan) + George Porter Jr. w/ Martin Fierro and Karl Denson on saxes .

Aaron Kayce (Kayceman) :: JamBase Editor-In-Chief

Luther Dickinson and JJ Grey by Dave Vann
1. Luther Dickinson sitting in on drums with Patterson Hood for his not so solo set.
2. SuperDee sitting in on violin (and killing it!) with Perpetual Groove.
3. Cayo Levantado - our own private island. There is no hangover cure like the warm ocean, hot sun and Coca-Cola.
And of course, raging on a boat in the Caribbean!

Tanner Wyer :: JamBase Sales
1. Electing the shit out of Lot Dawg.
2. LEBO! (ALO)
3. Living the dream with friends. This boat is 100000000x better with people you love there.

Benjy Eisen :: Freelance Journalist (Rolling Stone, Paste, Relix)
1. Rendezvous at "ten to eleven."
2. The Disco Biscuits late-night show on the pool deck; entire show.
3. Perpetual Groove "Ryhmin' and Stealing" (Beastie Boys cover).

Mike Greenhaus :: Staff Editor Relix Magazine

The Disco Biscuits :: Jam Cruise 2007 by Dave Vann
1. The Disco Biscuits' fan selected Pool Deck set (specifically the almost seamless segue from "Echoes" > "Above The Waves" and "The Great Abyss" > "Cyclone" > "Echoes").
2. Brock Butler's cover-heavy acoustic set, book ended by the post-jam space-rock of the Secret Machines and the proto-jam space-rock of Pink Floyd.
3. Patterson Hood's somewhat acoustic, and somewhat less solo, solo-acoustic set.
Bonus: ALO's bastard version of "Girl, I Want to Lay You Down" with members of Railroad Earth and Hot Buttered Rum on our podcast Cold Turkey.

Aaron Benor :: Advertising Guru Relix Magazine
1. Perpetual Groove doing "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to F*ck With" > "Samson rap" > "Rhymin' and Stealin'."
2. Matt Hogan singing "Boogie on Reggae Woman," backed by Porter, Simon, Zach, Fuzz and Albert.
3. Umphrey's McGee - "Dick in a Box."
Honorable Mention: Craps table, 1/4/07.

Ian Neville on Cayo Levantado by Weintrob
Dave Vann :: Photographer
1. The Disco Biscuits set from the last night when Brock from PGroove came out for The Who song, "We're Not Gonna Take It" > "Run Like Hell. Then the set closer (Beatles - "I've Got a Feeling") with Brendan and Jake from Umphrey's McGee on the Pool Deck.
2. Burning McGee, when Burning Spear came out and rocked the "Yammin on the Yam Cruise" jam mid set with Rasta flood lights hitting the Pool Deck.
3. Sounds of San Francisco – Grateful Dead Tribute with members of ALO, HBR and TLG with Kimock, Donna Jean and Martin Fierro in the Opera Theatre.
4. All the epic Caribbean sunrises.

Michael Weintrob :: Photographer

Burning Spear and George Porter Jr. in the Theater
Jam Cruise 2007 by Dave Vann
1. Jen Durkin with Galactic on "Whole Lotta Love."
2. Terrence Higgins, Tony Hall, Erik Krasno, Luther Dickinson on "Voodoo Child."
3. Burning Spear in the Theater.

Matt Hogan
SCI Fidelity & Jam Cruise

1. Rock Star Karaoke - ME singing "Boogie On Reggae Woman" with George Porter Jr., Zach Gill (ALO), Fuzz (DBB) and Simon Allen (NMS). Wow.
2. Cayo Levantado – our own private island paradise.
3. Bass In Your Face Workshop with George Porter, Jr. Oteil Burbridge, Pete Shand and Todd Smallie.

Marc Ross :: Rock the Earth President & E.D.
1. Sounds of San Francisco Grateful Dead Tribute with members of Hot Buttered Rum, ALO and TLG. Sickest Dead cover set ever!
2. The Greening Snorkeling Excursion with Jeff Austin, Tim Carbone and Carey Harmon of Railroad Earth and Zac Matthews of Hot Buttered Rum.
3. Galactic and JJ Grey doing "Sympathy for the Devil" – outrageous.

Lot Dawg :: 2007 Jam Cruise President

President Lot Dawg :: Jam Cruise 2007 by Dave Vann
1. Being elected by the people for the people of the best party in the entire world, and sharing this feeling with my friends who actualized a victory to "MAKE FRIENDS! and LEGALIZE CHARISMA!"
2. When Dan, Dave, Zach, and Steve from ALO took the stage during Galactic's Opera lounge set to belt out a classic lounge singer act doing - Pointer Sister's "Yes We Can Can", this song ended up as my Horoscope for the day.
3. During the debate I had a chance to answer a question that I thought had a simple easy answer. Debate Question: "What jam scene is the best, the West or the East? and Why?" All five candidates answered before me stating that their scene was the best. I answered "We are all one, there is no best side of the country and the best scene was right there on the boat all together, Jam Cruise music fans are the cream of the crop globally." Apparently I answered on target as the crowd cheered in approval to my response, and it felt good.

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